Its the exam season again..

I know a lot of people do these sort of blog/vlog/videos/comments in general life at this time of the year but hey ho i’m just gonna jump on the band wagon and ride it too.  

  Exams to me (as a student) are a necessary evil, i do see the point of them but then again it’s exams, weeks and weeks of high levels of stress, blood, sweat and tears (definitely the latter for almost all students, let alone the others, but revision gets intense nowadays..)

Should our intelligence levels really be tested on how much we can recall in an hour and a half, after weeks of revision and practice? Or should it be on how we can perform in a given situation? 

I believe my thoughts can be illustrated perfectly by the cartoon of the line of animals, including an elephant, monkey, gold fish a seal or a monkey, next to a tree all being asked to climb it. Obviously the monkey will be the best at that task, but does this show that the monkey is the best out of all of them? And the monkey is most intelligent? The elephant is to be considered stupid as can’t climb a tree? Shouldn’t we try to find what is best for each individual animal, as the elephant will be strongest, and the seal the fastest swimmer. But if we give the animals a single test, just one way of viewing their person, would they then consider themselves to be stupid or dumb because they weren’t the best at a particular action. 

Say if you related this cartoon to the real life, the monkey may be considered to be those of a higher intelligence, heading off to higher option universities (or colleges, if you are american), but the fish may be like the children from Mr Drew’s school for boys. Some in particular, were incredibly intelligent, just had to be stimulated in the right way, such as in the library activity, one in particular shined, even though his name has currently escaped me. 

I often have this recurring thought that should exams only be a part of how a person is ‘rated’? or should it be an accumulation of how you react to situations? Or other possible ways of measuring a person? 


Just a bit of a thought from a stressed out exam taking student..