Guns. Guns. Guns

America just suffered the worst mass shooting in 30 years.

The Pulse nightclub, Orlando, was attacked by Omar Mateen who was armed with an assault rifle and pistol.

50 people died. 53 more were injured.

Yet a majority of Americans still don’t want to enforce stricter gun laws. Between 2000 and 2014 in 13 European nations, there were 23 mass shootings (defined as 4 or more deaths in a single event). These shootings accumulated a total of 203 deaths. In the U.S. alone, in the same time period, there was 133 shootings, with over 487 dead. Don’t these numbers alone show that there is something majorly wrong with the U.S. culture?

Just last year 14 more people were murdered by two individuals at a staff gathering. And back in 2012 a murder(/suicide) took place of 20 6 and 7year olds and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary.

In light of the recent shooting, I looked up the Florida Gun Laws, there were painfully few. If you wished to purchase a firearm, you won’t need a state license, or an ownership license, there are NO BACKGROUND CHECKS.


Does that not instantly send alarm bells ringing through you?! Would it not be obvious to make sure they are mentally stable!? To help prevent these disturbingly regular shootings?

What is especially bizarre about Florida’s laws, is that it is a felony to create/maintain/publish any list or record of legally owned firearms or law abiding firearm owners. What? Seriously? Is this not an incredibly easy, simple thing to do? REGISTER THE LEGAL GUNS. Is it that difficult? One database. Names. Which gun?


America infuriates me no end. I don’t understand the American mind set. Yes, you are more than welcome to the right to bear arms, but is it really worth it, when tragedies like the Pulse Nightclub happen, is it all worth it?