Oh Hello Rodger!


I’ve just come home from a great two week family holiday in Italy in Lucignano. We had all five of the family there, plus another 3 as myself brother and sister all had our boy/girlfriends along too. Mum and Dad had hired a villa for the 2 weeks to fit us all in, just secluded enough to be out the way of most people, but close enough to walk to the town for a beer or two! Also had a pretty big pool which we all spent many hours in reading or chilling on a lilo… Or engaging in some very intense shoulder Wars!


Here is a picture of the victorious couple. Myself and Jack! We were also the youngest pair! When I first got on his shoulders, my brothers response was one similar to “Oh jesus Christ that’s huge.”

The nearest big town to us was Arezzo, and we suddenly decided it would be good fun to play a version of secret santa. So one evening we all pulled names out a hat and then we gave a 5 euro limit, and then we had a couple days to find the ideal gift. I pulled out my brothers girlfriends name from the hat, Em.

* *Minor side note yet important side note* *

We made a feline friend on holiday, who we named Rodger. Here’s a photo.


Rodger came to see us every day. No we didn’t feed him, he just liked our company for some reason??

This side note was necessary for explanation as Em is scared of cats, she thinks they’re pretty shady and not to be trusted. So she didn’t get along with Rodger. At all. Couldn’t go through doors if he was by them. Cracked me up.

So I return to my story. I had Em for the game. As you do I was walking along on a street looking either way, and saw the gift. It was perfect. The best t-shirt imaginable. Think of the classic wolves in the clouds on a black tshirt… shirt. Now replace that with a basket of cats and kittens. It was a thing of beauty. Her face just lit up with (I want to say joy but..) horror. T’was Glorious.

We did venture out of the area quite including Sienna! I’ve been there a couple times with my family but its always such a pretty place!

14202949_1329273837090566_1000466547_oOur lunch break Sienna, with our handmade take away pasta (Really tasty!)


Me and Jack in the same square.


This is Phil and Em whilst we were out at a ridiculously good 5 course meal. One of the best meals I think I’ve ever had, but it took hours! We got there at a bit before 8 and it was about 11/11:30 before we got back!(Not complaining though!) We watched the sunset while we were eating too and then all the lights of a nearby town beginning to twinkle. Was just too cute.

In all this holiday was so good, the temperature never dropped below 28Degrees, it never seemed to have any moments of stress, loads of food and drink and just 2 weeks of seemingly bliss.