The google game

I was going to Google why people have fears and why more specifically, why we are scared of the dark, but as I was typing in the words ‘why are’ the first suggestion to come up was ‘why are people gay’.

This struck me as odd, as these suggestions are usually through what other people have already googled. The other 3 suggestions are everyday, such as random questions that one ever seems to know the answer for.. such as why are we here (obviously?) or why are our veins blue (the blood is deoxygenated so doesn’t have the strong red colour). But returning to the subject in hand, the first result for ‘why are some people gay’ is from the Daily Mail. SO very reliable. It claims that homosexuality is passed from Father to daughter and from mother to son. But even though there is no genetic evidence which proves this to be correct.

This may seem like a pointless post, but I just wanted to highlight that within our lives, people are still trying to find a ‘reason’ for being gay and that it still not fully accepted within daily life, do we really need to find a ‘reason’ to be gay?

I am subscribed BriBry on YouTube and he posted a video that I feel would compliment this, so if you’d like to watch it, here’s the link:

Thankyou for this reading this rather peculiar post 🙂