The Beginning of the Loss

So I got fat. I didn’t notice what I was eating, and I’m still not used to not doing exercise regularly (I hate knee injuries). Exams caused me to snack (A LOT). So many factors, so little exercise.

I am a tall human as well. I’m about 6ft tall (182cm?) but I have crept up to over 15 stone (98kg?). Both fortunately and unfortunately because of my height, I didn’t notice the weight gain as its spread over a larger area.


This is me as of the 29th of January 2016. I am not pleased. (Look at that snazzy split mirror thing that my flatmate put up)



As of the 30th of January 2016 I have started

  • 30 day Ab Challenge
  • Walking more
  • Going Vegetarian 3 days a week
  • Swimming 3 times a week

Alongside this, I have given up

  • Sweets
  • Chocolate
  • Crisps
  • Takeaway (limited to once every two weeks max this INCLUDES drunk food)
  • Bread (My love for bread is strong, who doesn’t love a sandwich??)
  • Cheese (This is the hard one, I love cheese, all cheese, every cheese. CHEESE!)


The idea of all this in theory will push me to reduce my snacking, which got out of control during exams, and become the slightly slimmer human that I used to be.

I aim to put up weekly photos with a list of what I’ve done, in an attempt to encourage myself.. So hopefully there will be progress!

“Down it Fresher”

My first year at uni has been amazing, much booze, much fun, many laughs. But I did learn a few things in the end.

YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT. Any one at uni will tell you, it happens. The idea of going out and drinking is all too tempting. As a young fresher you venture into uni with the mind set “ah it’ll never happen to me”, “I’ll go to the gym all the time”. You won’t. You say you will but you won’t. You won’t do any exercise, except maybe walking to campus. Casual drinking becomes all too tempting, and suddenly without noticing, you come home for the summer and you’ve gained 2 stone. Goodbye summer bod..sleepy jack and lucy.jpg

Naptime is life

FRESHERS WEEK. You will not be sober for nearly 3 weeks after this. My fresher’s week was titled fresher’s fortnight. And it did not lie, 2 weeks of excessive drinking. I had 2 nights off. But it was the best fortnight. My only nights off were due to the fact that my body physically couldn’t deal with any more alcohol. I do massively encourage crazy fancy dress. And prepare to end up messy. Clothes and shoes will be ruined and will always retain that slight tint of dark cider and continually give off the morning after smell of alcohol.


Teletubbies = Squad Goals

YOU BUY THE PRICEY DRINKS. Yes the idea of a ‘cum-in-cider’ or a ‘Russian slut’ fishbowl may seem a fantastic idea. But really? £6 for one drink that is pretty weak? Learn where to go and what drinks to have in each place. Where’s cheapest on what day for double vodka mixer? Or jaeger bombs for a pound? Your nights out can half in price if you know where to go. Alternatively you just double the amount you drink and spend the same amount. And double the regrets when you are walking to your 9am the following morning and you can’t see straight.


Oh bierkeller.. 

NIGHT OF SHAME. Everyone has one. But freshers week does not count. N.O.S. can be anything from not making it out of pre’s, or being taken out of pre’s by your flat, and then being taken home less than 10minutes later (this was surprisingly common in my flat). Any form of major regret by the individual in question yet still must have a level of humour. My personal favourite is a night that my flat only refer to as “The Parrot Bay Night”. We never speak of this night, but we all know every hysterical detail.

The first year I’ve had at uni has been mental. I wouldn’t change a thing, so my main ‘lesson’ (getting a bit formal here) I had, was just go for anything that seems like a laugh, you may end up ill or in A&E (My second home) but it make sure it was fun.