Relive Vs Reminisce

More and more often recently, I’ve been hearing friends go on about particular events or specific weeks of our lives that were stand out weeks or were really enjoyable etc and they went on about how they wanted to go back and have that day or that week again. And, now don’t get me wrong here, I loved every minute of these days that they have referred to- Graduation week was one of the best weeks of my life and I had so many funny night outs and events through University. Even down to simple days like spending an afternoon on the beach in the sun after one of our finals is one of the most enjoyable afternoons that I have ever spent.

Those are some of the best memories I have, but never, even if I lived through an infinite number of lifetimes, I would never want to relive those days or events. Those days and moments meant so much to me because of how my friends and I spent the time together. Reliving those days would mean changing what happened and I couldn’t bear to lose those memories, the laughter and stupidity and glorious company.


I don’t understand why you would want to relive the time you have already had. Why would you want to go back and relive a memory you have already had, when you could go out and create new, if not better memories? Our time is too short to go back and relive past experiences. It is one thing to reminisce and enjoy but to wish your time away on past events?

University? Completed it mate.


I graduated! 2.1 in Business and Management from Aberystwyth.

(It definitely didn’t take me three years to be able to spell Aberystwyth correctly first time)

I loved every second of university. It’s made me the person I am now and have connected me to the most fantastic group of friends I could ever wish for.


10 minutes before this photo was taken, Henry’s mum came up to us and said

“Please make sure you get a photo of him with the certificate, just so when he loses it, there is proof he received it” – Glorious.

It was unbelievably hot day, those gowns are a LOT warmer than they look so all of us were melting before we even walked into the ceremony (Thank god I had my professional photos done beforehand). A 2 hour long ceremony in a great hall in those gowns was not fun, but worth it in the end.


^^ This photo took so long to capture. 4 cameras and 4 attempts and here we are :’)

About 3 seconds after this was captured. Henry’s cap was making a bee line for my face.


The fear was real.


But on a more serious note. This was the best day of my life. It put the last three years of hard work, tears and a possibly unhealthy amount of alcohol into perspective.

37627886_10211600431637723_5552568410719649792_n (1).jpg

^She’s my best friend. She’s super clever^



Thanks guys. It’s been the greatest.


**Que the Song ‘The Greatest Show’ from the Greatest Showman **



Tequila Mockingbird!


A crazy stupid drunk weekend but so much fun! A couple weekends back 28 teams of 10 girls from the uni competed against each other in loads of sports over a 3 day period.

Its stupid. Its fun. Its ALWAYS really really cold. 17015902_1611493638866999_7243199948577109166_o

MY team were created all through one friend of ours, so we were a mix of swimmers, sprinters, cross country champions and broken humans (myself). And we were perfectly named.. TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD!

Yes.. we did win best team name. We won a massive bottle of champagne. Was glorious.

The final event was the Mystery Event, which is running around the Uni field doing an obstacle course. But its a slightly disgusting obstacle course.You start by eating what was referred to as a ‘Trifle’ but it was vile and caused us all (myself especially) to vomit. A lot. At least it wasn’t in my system! Then there was a lot of carrying team members around, carrying boiled eggs in bras and being covered in questionable substances by officer training guys. It was grim. Yet so much fun.


There were so many mudslides and crawling in mud and stupid challenges. 16991770_1752745298374584_204360266189544183_o

This was the final mudslide to finish the event, it was a 15m mudslide and as we were one of the last teams to go, it was SUPER muddy as it had been churned up loads already.


Somehow, our mismatched team managed to tank the challenge and came 2nd in the Mystery event! Beating all the incredibly competitive teams, only losing to one team (who won overall). At the aftermath that evening, all the rugby girls cheered for our team as we were doing so well! Especially as we had started the final day of competition as 25th out of 28th and finished the weekend in 8th position!

It was such an amazing weekend and I don’t think I could’ve spent it with better people! SO thank you so much girls!



The Second hump of the Camel

This is a day late.. oops

Weigh in was really good last week! Lost a few pounds and had both my boyfriend and my mum (who I don’t see face to face very often) said they could see that it is coming off of my face! Woohooo! Obviously something is going right!

11th of Feb was Jacks birthday and the 6 nations England Wales match. The most important game of the 6 nations. AND ENGLAND WON! Que lots of beer to be drunk and cake to be eaten! Wasn’t too healthy but ah well, i’m not gonna stop enjoying myself just because i’m on a diet!

Im super behind on the Ab Challenge 😦 But i’m swimming at least twice a week now which is fun! Got back into some of my old synchronised swimming moves the other day, i can’t believe quite how fit I used to be to do these figures!! Damn past Lucy you were strooong!

I am having some minor problems with my knee at the moment, worse pain than usual going through it unfortunately, but the pain is becoming more localised, which might be a good thing?!? But also maaaaaybe not. Let’s see how it goes!

Surprise Valentines Dinner tonight! Lets see what Jack has created!


L Xxx


Oh Hello Rodger!


I’ve just come home from a great two week family holiday in Italy in Lucignano. We had all five of the family there, plus another 3 as myself brother and sister all had our boy/girlfriends along too. Mum and Dad had hired a villa for the 2 weeks to fit us all in, just secluded enough to be out the way of most people, but close enough to walk to the town for a beer or two! Also had a pretty big pool which we all spent many hours in reading or chilling on a lilo… Or engaging in some very intense shoulder Wars!


Here is a picture of the victorious couple. Myself and Jack! We were also the youngest pair! When I first got on his shoulders, my brothers response was one similar to “Oh jesus Christ that’s huge.”

The nearest big town to us was Arezzo, and we suddenly decided it would be good fun to play a version of secret santa. So one evening we all pulled names out a hat and then we gave a 5 euro limit, and then we had a couple days to find the ideal gift. I pulled out my brothers girlfriends name from the hat, Em.

* *Minor side note yet important side note* *

We made a feline friend on holiday, who we named Rodger. Here’s a photo.


Rodger came to see us every day. No we didn’t feed him, he just liked our company for some reason??

This side note was necessary for explanation as Em is scared of cats, she thinks they’re pretty shady and not to be trusted. So she didn’t get along with Rodger. At all. Couldn’t go through doors if he was by them. Cracked me up.

So I return to my story. I had Em for the game. As you do I was walking along on a street looking either way, and saw the gift. It was perfect. The best t-shirt imaginable. Think of the classic wolves in the clouds on a black tshirt… shirt. Now replace that with a basket of cats and kittens. It was a thing of beauty. Her face just lit up with (I want to say joy but..) horror. T’was Glorious.

We did venture out of the area quite including Sienna! I’ve been there a couple times with my family but its always such a pretty place!

14202949_1329273837090566_1000466547_oOur lunch break Sienna, with our handmade take away pasta (Really tasty!)


Me and Jack in the same square.


This is Phil and Em whilst we were out at a ridiculously good 5 course meal. One of the best meals I think I’ve ever had, but it took hours! We got there at a bit before 8 and it was about 11/11:30 before we got back!(Not complaining though!) We watched the sunset while we were eating too and then all the lights of a nearby town beginning to twinkle. Was just too cute.

In all this holiday was so good, the temperature never dropped below 28Degrees, it never seemed to have any moments of stress, loads of food and drink and just 2 weeks of seemingly bliss.



That time for dressing all posh and stuff…

I thought this blog could be about around moments of my life and I thought that my year 11 prom could be one of those!

During May, I had my school prom at The Essex Golf and Country club. I arrived with my two best friends in a Vintage car that we had hired for the occasion!


My dress was from Coast and I fell in love with it straight away! I had originally said for year that I will NEVER wear black to a prom year 11 or year 13. Well that failed! Originally my sister had found the dress while she was shopping with my mum when I was working. But I don’t mind, I love how the dress looked and, to use my mum’s expression, “the way it is a timeless dress and could be used again and again and never go out of fashion”. Which I like! My only problem would be if I grew again!

ImageI have to give a huge thankyou to my sister for doing my hair and my make up and nails! She did a fantastic job and I had many compliments throughout the evening which were all thanks to her!!

Our close group of friends headed back to one girl’s house for a bit of an after party and that was so much fun and we had an absolute laugh! Even though I was almost too tired for work the following day!!

I had a fantastic evening and was even in the newspaper for my school! I was also the only photo on the homepage of the Colchester Gazette website with my 2 best friends and our car!