Relive Vs Reminisce

More and more often recently, I’ve been hearing friends go on about particular events or specific weeks of our lives that were stand out weeks or were really enjoyable etc and they went on about how they wanted to go back and have that day or that week again. And, now don’t get me wrong here, I loved every minute of these days that they have referred to- Graduation week was one of the best weeks of my life and I had so many funny night outs and events through University. Even down to simple days like spending an afternoon on the beach in the sun after one of our finals is one of the most enjoyable afternoons that I have ever spent.

Those are some of the best memories I have, but never, even if I lived through an infinite number of lifetimes, I would never want to relive those days or events. Those days and moments meant so much to me because of how my friends and I spent the time together. Reliving those days would mean changing what happened and I couldn’t bear to lose those memories, the laughter and stupidity and glorious company.


I don’t understand why you would want to relive the time you have already had. Why would you want to go back and relive a memory you have already had, when you could go out and create new, if not better memories? Our time is too short to go back and relive past experiences. It is one thing to reminisce and enjoy but to wish your time away on past events?

University? Completed it mate.


I graduated! 2.1 in Business and Management from Aberystwyth.

(It definitely didn’t take me three years to be able to spell Aberystwyth correctly first time)

I loved every second of university. It’s made me the person I am now and have connected me to the most fantastic group of friends I could ever wish for.


10 minutes before this photo was taken, Henry’s mum came up to us and said

“Please make sure you get a photo of him with the certificate, just so when he loses it, there is proof he received it” – Glorious.

It was unbelievably hot day, those gowns are a LOT warmer than they look so all of us were melting before we even walked into the ceremony (Thank god I had my professional photos done beforehand). A 2 hour long ceremony in a great hall in those gowns was not fun, but worth it in the end.


^^ This photo took so long to capture. 4 cameras and 4 attempts and here we are :’)

About 3 seconds after this was captured. Henry’s cap was making a bee line for my face.


The fear was real.


But on a more serious note. This was the best day of my life. It put the last three years of hard work, tears and a possibly unhealthy amount of alcohol into perspective.

37627886_10211600431637723_5552568410719649792_n (1).jpg

^She’s my best friend. She’s super clever^



Thanks guys. It’s been the greatest.


**Que the Song ‘The Greatest Show’ from the Greatest Showman **