“Down it Fresher”

My first year at uni has been amazing, much booze, much fun, many laughs. But I did learn a few things in the end.

YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT. Any one at uni will tell you, it happens. The idea of going out and drinking is all too tempting. As a young fresher you venture into uni with the mind set “ah it’ll never happen to me”, “I’ll go to the gym all the time”. You won’t. You say you will but you won’t. You won’t do any exercise, except maybe walking to campus. Casual drinking becomes all too tempting, and suddenly without noticing, you come home for the summer and you’ve gained 2 stone. Goodbye summer bod..sleepy jack and lucy.jpg

Naptime is life

FRESHERS WEEK. You will not be sober for nearly 3 weeks after this. My fresher’s week was titled fresher’s fortnight. And it did not lie, 2 weeks of excessive drinking. I had 2 nights off. But it was the best fortnight. My only nights off were due to the fact that my body physically couldn’t deal with any more alcohol. I do massively encourage crazy fancy dress. And prepare to end up messy. Clothes and shoes will be ruined and will always retain that slight tint of dark cider and continually give off the morning after smell of alcohol.


Teletubbies = Squad Goals

YOU BUY THE PRICEY DRINKS. Yes the idea of a ‘cum-in-cider’ or a ‘Russian slut’ fishbowl may seem a fantastic idea. But really? £6 for one drink that is pretty weak? Learn where to go and what drinks to have in each place. Where’s cheapest on what day for double vodka mixer? Or jaeger bombs for a pound? Your nights out can half in price if you know where to go. Alternatively you just double the amount you drink and spend the same amount. And double the regrets when you are walking to your 9am the following morning and you can’t see straight.


Oh bierkeller.. 

NIGHT OF SHAME. Everyone has one. But freshers week does not count. N.O.S. can be anything from not making it out of pre’s, or being taken out of pre’s by your flat, and then being taken home less than 10minutes later (this was surprisingly common in my flat). Any form of major regret by the individual in question yet still must have a level of humour. My personal favourite is a night that my flat only refer to as “The Parrot Bay Night”. We never speak of this night, but we all know every hysterical detail.

The first year I’ve had at uni has been mental. I wouldn’t change a thing, so my main ‘lesson’ (getting a bit formal here) I had, was just go for anything that seems like a laugh, you may end up ill or in A&E (My second home) but it make sure it was fun.



Guns. Guns. Guns

America just suffered the worst mass shooting in 30 years.

The Pulse nightclub, Orlando, was attacked by Omar Mateen who was armed with an assault rifle and pistol.

50 people died. 53 more were injured.

Yet a majority of Americans still don’t want to enforce stricter gun laws. Between 2000 and 2014 in 13 European nations, there were 23 mass shootings (defined as 4 or more deaths in a single event). These shootings accumulated a total of 203 deaths. In the U.S. alone, in the same time period, there was 133 shootings, with over 487 dead. Don’t these numbers alone show that there is something majorly wrong with the U.S. culture?

Just last year 14 more people were murdered by two individuals at a staff gathering. And back in 2012 a murder(/suicide) took place of 20 6 and 7year olds and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary.

In light of the recent shooting, I looked up the Florida Gun Laws, there were painfully few. If you wished to purchase a firearm, you won’t need a state license, or an ownership license, there are NO BACKGROUND CHECKS.


Does that not instantly send alarm bells ringing through you?! Would it not be obvious to make sure they are mentally stable!? To help prevent these disturbingly regular shootings?

What is especially bizarre about Florida’s laws, is that it is a felony to create/maintain/publish any list or record of legally owned firearms or law abiding firearm owners. What? Seriously? Is this not an incredibly easy, simple thing to do? REGISTER THE LEGAL GUNS. Is it that difficult? One database. Names. Which gun?


America infuriates me no end. I don’t understand the American mind set. Yes, you are more than welcome to the right to bear arms, but is it really worth it, when tragedies like the Pulse Nightclub happen, is it all worth it?






Its the exam season again..

I know a lot of people do these sort of blog/vlog/videos/comments in general life at this time of the year but hey ho i’m just gonna jump on the band wagon and ride it too.  

  Exams to me (as a student) are a necessary evil, i do see the point of them but then again it’s exams, weeks and weeks of high levels of stress, blood, sweat and tears (definitely the latter for almost all students, let alone the others, but revision gets intense nowadays..)

Should our intelligence levels really be tested on how much we can recall in an hour and a half, after weeks of revision and practice? Or should it be on how we can perform in a given situation? 

I believe my thoughts can be illustrated perfectly by the cartoon of the line of animals, including an elephant, monkey, gold fish a seal or a monkey, next to a tree all being asked to climb it. Obviously the monkey will be the best at that task, but does this show that the monkey is the best out of all of them? And the monkey is most intelligent? The elephant is to be considered stupid as can’t climb a tree? Shouldn’t we try to find what is best for each individual animal, as the elephant will be strongest, and the seal the fastest swimmer. But if we give the animals a single test, just one way of viewing their person, would they then consider themselves to be stupid or dumb because they weren’t the best at a particular action. 

Say if you related this cartoon to the real life, the monkey may be considered to be those of a higher intelligence, heading off to higher option universities (or colleges, if you are american), but the fish may be like the children from Mr Drew’s school for boys. Some in particular, were incredibly intelligent, just had to be stimulated in the right way, such as in the library activity, one in particular shined, even though his name has currently escaped me. 

I often have this recurring thought that should exams only be a part of how a person is ‘rated’? or should it be an accumulation of how you react to situations? Or other possible ways of measuring a person? 


Just a bit of a thought from a stressed out exam taking student.. 


The google game

I was going to Google why people have fears and why more specifically, why we are scared of the dark, but as I was typing in the words ‘why are’ the first suggestion to come up was ‘why are people gay’.

This struck me as odd, as these suggestions are usually through what other people have already googled. The other 3 suggestions are everyday, such as random questions that one ever seems to know the answer for.. such as why are we here (obviously?) or why are our veins blue (the blood is deoxygenated so doesn’t have the strong red colour). But returning to the subject in hand, the first result for ‘why are some people gay’ is from the Daily Mail. SO very reliable. It claims that homosexuality is passed from Father to daughter and from mother to son. But even though there is no genetic evidence which proves this to be correct.

This may seem like a pointless post, but I just wanted to highlight that within our lives, people are still trying to find a ‘reason’ for being gay and that it still not fully accepted within daily life, do we really need to find a ‘reason’ to be gay?

I am subscribed BriBry on YouTube and he posted a video that I feel would compliment this, so if you’d like to watch it, here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBD6rUEfrJ4&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PLfcl-DMCQXee2O0Wka-JGokDGdRSDSYZp

Thankyou for this reading this rather peculiar post 🙂

Making a difference! – The School

During my recent scouting expedition to Kenya, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend two long mornings in a primary school. But not just any primary school. It was named Kibera Primary school and was located in the middle of one of the largest slums in the world. It had over 2000 students and only 30 classes. This means there were on average 80 students in each class. Roughly 4 students per desk.

Our first morning at the school we greeted by a tsunami of students! All wishing to meet us and test out their English! We found out once we returned to our campsite, that many students had ‘gone to the toilet’ when we arrived so could come and meet us, even though they were meant to be in lessons! Which was, to me, such a compliment! That they would leave their lessons just to meet a group of Scouts from England.

That initial morning was spent interacting with the kids in the playground, singing songs, playing clapping games and generally having fun! I carried a lot of kids on my shoulders/back that day! And took part in many many piggy back races!!


This is a few of the scouts just before a piggy back race! I’m 3rd in from the right!

All of the children were fascinated by my hair, they all wanted to touch it and feel it! They also loved the colour as in the sun my hair looks bright red! (Thank you L’Oreal… fabulous hair dye…) They also were surprised at how old I am. Many asked me my name and I replied with “I have just turned 16” and their faces dropped! They all looked so surprised and when I questioned about it, they all thought I was much much older! Into my 20s at least!

Our second morning in the school was as much fun as the first, we were split into groups and got to go into classrooms and work more closely with the children! Many of them asked about becoming a Scout and when they are allowed to join and it was really satisfying to hear that so many of them wanted to join scouting when they reached the next year of school (as they can enrol in scouting through the school). We also taught them a song named campfire’s burning and managed to get it into a 4 part round! Which no one expected!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNYrjDqRffA&feature=youtu.be Here is a link to the recording of the song! I apologise in advance for my truly awful singing!!

Lots of the students asked for sponsorship, or if we would look after them, and it was so hard saying no to them because you could see that they really wanted it! The toughest question to answer, for me, was telling them that we wouldn’t be coming back and this would be the last they saw of us. Just watching as their faces fell as they translated what we said, and then they grabbed onto you even harder as if they thought that if they held on, you would stay with them forever. My friend was asked if she would go home with a little girl as she had no family, and my friends heart broke. She was telling us this story as we were walking home and you could watch as her eyes welled up with tears and was struggling to hold them in, as I had failed earlier and I could tell she was trying to stay strong for me, so I wouldn’t break down into tears again.
It was difficult to fully understand how much those two short visits made such a difference to them. We gave out so many hugs and donated so much equipment that, as our expedition name suggests, we made a difference. We benefited the school with the equipment. But we helped the children, by giving them such a simple thing. A hug. You could watch as their faces lit up when you chose them to be picked up, or hugged. A hug, yet so simple and easy, helped them feel like they were loved, and appreciated, and that made more of a difference than any amount of books and school equipment will. It gave them hope. Hope to work. Hope to achieve. When I asked some students what they wanted to be, can you guess what the majority wanted to be?
They all wanted to travel and see the world. And I really hope they make it. All of them deserve it.

I believe that I helped to Make a Difference

Search Scouting Expedition Kenya 2013 for the official Making a Difference Website.

That time for dressing all posh and stuff…

I thought this blog could be about around moments of my life and I thought that my year 11 prom could be one of those!

During May, I had my school prom at The Essex Golf and Country club. I arrived with my two best friends in a Vintage car that we had hired for the occasion!


My dress was from Coast and I fell in love with it straight away! I had originally said for year that I will NEVER wear black to a prom year 11 or year 13. Well that failed! Originally my sister had found the dress while she was shopping with my mum when I was working. But I don’t mind, I love how the dress looked and, to use my mum’s expression, “the way it is a timeless dress and could be used again and again and never go out of fashion”. Which I like! My only problem would be if I grew again!

ImageI have to give a huge thankyou to my sister for doing my hair and my make up and nails! She did a fantastic job and I had many compliments throughout the evening which were all thanks to her!!

Our close group of friends headed back to one girl’s house for a bit of an after party and that was so much fun and we had an absolute laugh! Even though I was almost too tired for work the following day!!

I had a fantastic evening and was even in the newspaper for my school! I was also the only photo on the homepage of the Colchester Gazette website with my 2 best friends and our car!